About HSI

Holt and Sons was first established as a trading company in 1955 in the rolling hills of Tiverton Township in Central Ohio. Founded by Sam Holt, a farmer and entrepreneur, he understood the value of growing a business. He provided mobile feed mills, custom grain harvesting, seed and fertilizer, and farm implement, all focused on the meeting the needs of farmers in the surrounding counties.

Carrying on his grandfather’s tradition, Brad Holt in 2003 established H & S International (HSI), as a subsidiary and Holt and Sons – taking his grandfather’s dream one step further –from growing grain to growing companies.

HSI provides consulting, trade and product development advice for companies growing their businesses domestically and internationally — with offices in the US, China, Brazil and Mexico.

Brad Holt, is the Managing Director of HSI, LLC and President of Pendleton Ventures (a southern Californian based incubator company).  He has two decades of international business experience, over 15 years focused on business development in the Asian marketplace.

  • Our professional consulting team has widespread experience in international and domestic markets, as well as expertise in most major industries.
  • As a result, our collective knowledge and expertise allow us to offer unique insight into this dynamic marketplace.
  • Our network of affiliated industry experts and consultants throughout the region further enhance our research and strategy formulation abilities.


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