Posted by: changholt | March 10, 2016

Success tip – time is money. Daylight savings “summer time” on March 13th!

clocks of the world

Time is Money, and time changes can effect everyone around the world!

When doing international business, communication is critical, and timing of that communication is equally important.   Does your overseas coworker, client, or supplier follow daylight savings? You don’t want to miss a critical call because of a time change, and really you don’t want to wake someone up early in the morning because of a time change either.

On Sunday, March 13th almost all states in the US, and ~ 80 other countries (can you believe it), will spring forward one hour, as they set their clock ahead for daylight savings time.  What is Daylight savings? We are essentially trading one hour of light in the morning for an extra hour in the evening.

I personally love it because we get more daylight and with more daylight we get more done (work, play, etc. …. and more daylight seems to make people happier). With more time to work, there is more time to earn money; and when we get off work there is even more time to spend with your family or friends doing what you love. This often means going out and spending more money. Thus spurring the economy forward.

When US politicians moved the daylight saving time up a few months it may have been one of the best things our politicians have done in a long time (2007). It directly effected the lives of millions of Americans — more light means more opportunity.

A word of caution,  not everyone follows daylight savings time. For example, China only has one time zone for the entire country and they don’t follow daylight savings time (either does Russia, India or Japan). Even in the US, Arizona, Hawaii and the US territories don’t follow daylight savings time (same country different practice…. that has to be confusing).

Regardless of your feelings of daylight savings time just be aware of the changes so you are not surprised or you don’t surprise someone else by showing up an our late! (we lose an hour but gain more evening sunlight).

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