Posted by: changholt | March 3, 2015

Get a Competitive Edge


A company can obtain a strategic advantage over its competitors by making customer-driven decisions by offering:

  • Flexible shipping terms, such as the choice of Incoterm in a particular transaction
  • Terms of payment that are favorable to the customer, while protecting yourself from the risk of default
  • Choosing a currency of payment that is convenient to the importer, while hedging its transaction exposure — reducing risk for both parties
  • Being very careful and diligent in its document preparation.

Are your trade terms with your partner’s customer friendly?  Remember while we are trying to protect our company’s interest and reduce our risk, all too often we actually increase the risk of our partner/client. By transferring the risk to them we are protecting ourselves, but we are also making it difficult to do business with. Are we easy to do business with? If not, our customers will find somebody else to do business with, and we won’t make any money. We can help you create customer friendly trade terms while at the same time mitigating your risk exposure.

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