Posted by: changholt | February 3, 2015

Keys to motivate your representatives overseas




One of the dumbest pieces of advice most entrepreneurs cling to is this: don’t tell anyone your ideas. Make anyone you do talk with sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, otherwise your ideas will be stolen.

The New York Times today looks at a blog post by Jason Freedman, where he rips this advice to shreds. Freedman points out that ideas aren’t what matter. It’s your execution of the idea. By telling everyone far and wide, you are more likely to get feedback and advice to improve, adapt and change your product or service to the point where it can be profitable and survive.

We’ve told entrepreneurs the same advice for years. Communicate your ideas all day long otherwise you will have no chance at them catching fire.

Via  The Key to New Business Success: Tell Everyone Your Ideas – TJ Walker – Inside Communications – Forbes.

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