Posted by: changholt | April 2, 2013

7 reasons to invest in Brazil

the economist BRChina is the up and coming super power both economically and politically. However, I suggest you also look at Brazil as a way to grow your business internationally. Here are seven reasons to invest in Brazil.

•Strategic Location and Market Size

•Sustainable Growth

•Innovation and Technology


•Investment Profitability

•Work Force

•Natural resources

Although we are bullish on Brazil we also know Brazil has its challenges, and here are a few challenges that you also need to be aware of:


–High Taxes (domestic and for imported goods)


–Big metropolis concentration (The income distribution within the country is highly uneven with urban centers, such as São Paulo)


–Education system

Pick the right partner(s) in the US, China and/or Brazil and the sky’s the limit!

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