Posted by: changholt | December 4, 2012

International travel leads to success

International travel leads to success if you plan accordingly.

No matter where you are in the world, relationships are still a key component of business — in international business its even critical. At HSI, we help companies all over the world grow their businesses. Therefore, we need to be where are clients are. Marcelo is getting back from a two week trip in Brazil (where relationships are critical) and I am just getting back from Shanghai (guess what… where relationships are critical). Our Brazil business is going so well, that Daniel is moving back to help fortify the business and more importantly maintain the relationships with our customers, our suppliers and our partners.

Now saying that, how do you travel internationally without hick ups? First, make sure you get your VISA done early! I just experienced a living nightmare when I went to the Chinese consulate to pick up my VISA (standard practice for me…I’ve been travelling there for over 16 years!) but they wouldn’t give me a VISA. Why? Unbeknown to me I had a have a passport that was still valid six (6) months after my entry into China. My passport expires in January 2010. Not only did I need to expedite my VISA but I also had to expedite a new passport with five business day (and the following Monday was “Columbus Day”…. who takes Columbus day off — US Passport Agency that’s who). In the end, it got done but with a little heart ache and a ton of stress. My first 3 days in Shanghai were used decompressing from my chaotic run around.

This is not how you want to travel. Trust me! Luckily we had longstanding relationships and ongoing operation in China. So, I was given a lot of latitude that may have cost me a business deal or two!

Next week I will point out some tips that might make your international travel easier than what I went through (whew….). Hopefully it will make it successful and enjoyable!

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