Posted by: changholt | February 23, 2012

Brazil top 10 startups

Brazil is an exciting place to do business, for many investors the sky is the limit. However, how is the Brazilian marketplace incubating its new and upcoming “startups”.  Since Brazil is already a very expensive place to do business (Sao Paulo is one of the top ten most expensive cites to live in the world), how do startups fair? Forbes magazine points out 10 startups they believe could be extremely successful in the years to come (some of these are already successful today).

Not only is starting up a company in Brazil a financial challenge, but also there are a lot of bureaucratic hurdles you have to go through. Therefore, don’t be tempted to take a shortcut to get around the bureaucracy because in the long run if you’re successful  that very bureaucracy will catch up with you, and could shut your organization down,  or slow your growth.

Here are the list of those top 10 startups:

  1. Peixe Urbano (collective shopping site)
  2. LikeStore (enabling purchases via Facebook)
  3. SambaTech (online video)
  4. BuscaPe (price comparison and owner of a chain of ecommerce websites)
  5. Baby (children’s items ecommerce)
  6. OQVestir (ecommerce- women’s clothing)
  7. Clickon (collective shopping site)
  8. Shoes4You (shoes rental)
  9. ViajeNet (tool for booking travels online)
  10. Vostu (games on social networks)*

It will be exciting to see how these companies grow over the next 4 years. Remember, when doing business in Brazil don’t take any shortcuts, and  make sure you know the rules of the game.


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