Posted by: changholt | May 10, 2011

7 Tips for traveling internationally

Preparation will help make your trip smoother and more productive.  Here are some tips: 

  1. Schedule meetings before leaving the United States.  You should determine if an interpreter is required and make all necessary arrangements before arriving.  Business language is generally more technical than the conversational speech that many travelers are familiar with—and mistakes can be costly. 
  2. Prepare for different weather conditions.  Seasonal weather conditions in the countries being visited are likely to be different from conditions in the United States.
  3. Address health care issues.  Plan appropriately for prescription drugs, health insurance, vaccinations, diet, and other matters.
  4. Find out about the country’s electrical current.  A transformer, plug adapter, or both may be needed to demonstrate company products and to use personal electrical appliances.
  5. Think about money.  U.S. banks can provide a list of automatic teller machines overseas, exchange rates, and traveler’s checks.
  6. Consider transportation.  You should be aware of the means of public and private transportation available in the country, have a plan in mind, and make any necessary arrangements before you arrive.
  7. Prepare for differences in culture.  You should become familiar with basic cultural manifestations such as hand signals, street signs, and tipping.

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