Posted by: changholt | October 1, 2009

October 1st

So what’s the going on today? Well in the PRC, everyone is celebrating National Day. And everything will shut down from October 1st to October 8th! I hope you got your orders out ahead of time.

The National Day marks the start of one week of celebration throughout the mainland, Hong Kong, and Macao. This year marks the country’s 60th anniversary, ensuring that this year will be one big celebration regardless of world economic crisis! Chinese populace and government workers have been preparing for months for their upcoming celebration of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and these the best public places to is Tiananmen Square in Beijing and the Bund in Shanghai. They’ll all be decorated in a festive Chinese theme, with portraits of revered leaders, such as Sun Yat-sen — with a variety of festivities, including fireworks and concerts

Happy Birthday PRC!


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