Posted by: changholt | August 24, 2009

Six points you need to know to grow your business

Six questions for today and tomorrow….so you stay competitive.

1. Who are our present customers? Who are future customers?
(Remember to think internationally).

2. How do we reach customers today? How will we reach them in the future?
(The internet and social network marketing is changing the landscape of marketing)

3. Who are today’s competitors? Who are the competitors of the future?
(How lean is your supply chain?)

4. What is our competitive advantage today? What will it be in the future?
(Do you have international expertise?)

5. How do we get margins today? How will we get them in the future?
(Are you building institutional memory in your organization?)

6. What makes us unique today? What will make us unique in the future?
(Is your company adapting the changing marketplace?)

Is your company addressing these questions. Although the current economic crisis is affecting everyone, you should make sure your are looking for new markets, clients, and competitive advantages (such as your evaluating your suppliers or finding new ones). Use these six sets of questions to prepare your company for today and tomorrow….so you stay competitive.


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