Posted by: changholt | August 13, 2009

Proofreading can give you a competitive edge

Proofreading can give you a competitive edge

Perhaps most important step in writing an email, letter or memo is editing. This is especially important in international business, where that slightest mistake can be completely misunderstood. I don’t know have many times I have had to spend hours correcting a miscommunication that my staff or I made because we skipped editing. In sum, effective communication is critical for international trade!

Editing makes the difference between an effective message and one that will be ignored or will require follow-up clarification. When you are in different time zones you can lose hours if not days of productivity. If done adequately, this step will require about 25 percent of your total writing time. Don’t skimp. If you don’t have time to it right when will you have time to do it over.

A key tip: always allow a cool-off period before you begin editing. Otherwise, you simply read what you think you wrote. You miss gaps in logic, fail to see missing or irrelevant details, overlook grammatical errors, and find conciseness and style too difficult to bother with in this last stretch of the task. To avoid these hazards, take a few hours’ or days’ break; then you can edit with an objective view.

Good communication can you a competitive advantage in international business.


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